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          Shaoguan in northern Guangdong is a semi product production and service provider of disposable blood oxygen probes, with excellent quality, leading delivery times, and outstanding production capacity.

          Phone:徐經理: 17806655779


          Xingfu Electronic Products Direct TrainAll styles and plug categories are complete

          Medical wiring harness, industrial control wiring harness, electronic wiring harness, industrial wiring harness, automotive wiring harness, robot wiring harness

          Industry application solutionsSignal transmission connections are widely used in various fields

          徐經理: 17806655779在線咨詢

          Four Reasons to Choose Xingfu ElectronicsBased on the flexibility and personality of the product, it can be customized and can produce over 20000 pieces per day.


          2800square metersTotal land occupation base


          Delivery datefirst

          capacitybe outstanding

          Entering Xingfu Electronics and Shaping the Future Together with YouDedicated to the production and service of semi-finished disposable blood oxygen probes

          About Xingfu Electronics

          Shixing County Xingfu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the semi production of disposable blood oxygen probes, is a high-quality manufacturing service provider in the industry with quality and delivery capacity. Since its establishment for 8 years, the company has a production team consisting of 103 people, with a total length of 2800m 2 Production base, 16 injection molding machines, with a daily production capacity of up to 20000 pcs, serving dozens of terminal medical enterprises; We can provide an integrated solution from production, quotation, materials, technology, manufacturi···

          Honorary qualifications
          Shixing County Xingfu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

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          徐經理: 17806655779
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